Writing a Book. Lessons Learned. Post Your Failures.

Hello all,
I thought it would make sense to post this in this section.
What was a lessoned learned that you had in your investing.

Here is an example of one of mine about doing rehabs.

  1. In a historic neighborhood, it took me forever to get permits. I had to order special windows for this townhouse and they were $800+ per window for 13 windows. After the window installers left, they called to let me know that the new windows were done.

I went to the house and none of the 5 permits were posted in any of the windows. They threw the old windows…and the permits into the dumpster. The permits alone were over $1000. from the city. I immediately called the window installer company president and he went to dig the permits out of the dumpster.

Now, I get the red foamboard from an office supply store, and post copies of all of the permits on that board and put it in one of the windows.

I hope others reply to this post with their lessons to teach all.

Thanks, and happy holidays!!