Wright Thurstons seminars

Hi. Has anybody gone to any of his seminars. I have a Free pass to go. Whats your opinion.

i went a year ago. he basically gets “gurus” to come and pimp their
stuff. its not bad but be very careful about buying stuff there.
wright gets 50% of the sale proceeds so if you want to check out
the 30day garuantees you’ll lose 50%.
i got some stuff from
lee philips - pretty good.
scott estill stuff pimped via james patrick - bunch of crap. save your
money and hire a competent CPA. i returned the stuff like they said
and then never heard back. finally after calling, email and writing letters
they agreed to a 50% discount. that was 4 months ago. i’m still waiting
for my check.
i think wright was selling a course that he recommended you give
to your property managers - save your money and buy the prop.
mgmt book from john t. reed. its a tenth of the cost.

he markets it like its worth 2k and he’s doing u a huge favor by
giving u free admission. i dont think anyone’s ever paid admission
to go!!!

Thanks for your response. This is a 3 day event I would need to take 2 Vac days to go. Is it worth my time. I dont have the money to buy anything so I am safe. :wink:

depends on what you know right now and what your background
is! :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now not a whole lot. Reading what I can and coming here. But if they are not going to teach much I would rather not take my Vac days.

you probably will learn something of use. the first 2 years i attended
all the free seminars i could. even attended a fee what were under
just don’t buy anything!