wasn’t expecting that kind of hospitality…

Hmmm…Bentley is supposed to be a pretty decent school. From that, I assume that you have the ability to read and follow instructions…

Your post broke at least the following Forum Rules (Called "----- READ RULES HERE BEFORE POSTING ----- " as the first thread in EACH forum):

  • No Advertising - do not post advertisements, solicitations, or offer your services;
  • No Networking - do not post networking, leads, mentors, or partner requests;
  • No “Contact Me” Posts - do not ask to be contacted by email or phone in your post and do not include your email address or phone number in the body of your post.

If you would be so kind as to go and read (or re-read) the Forum Rules and abide by them, that would be grand…



i am so attempted to throw insults.
you really demonstrated your IQ level, even if somebody is actually hiring here, you wouldnt get it.

Are you talking to me or to the other poster? If it’s the other poster, a huge portion was removed for a posting violation…

If you’re talking to me, have at it!


I think he was talking to the OP.