Wow, my newspaper ad is working great

I’m finding a great deal about once a month from my ad in the paper. Costs over 500 a month to run it, which was an initial turnoff, but I’m glad I gave it a chance.

If your a cheapo like me, but having issues finding cash flowing rentals, try it! Should have done it from the start.

Live and learn.


Share a copy of your ad, and how you place it…


If you’re a real cheapo, you can staple a flyer to the newspapers on people’s lawns before they wake up in the morning! :shocked Then you can use that $500 to buy a couple thousand cases of Ballentine! :biggrin

The guy who taught me this business had a saying…

“How the hell are people going to sell you houses if they don’t know you want to BUY THEM.”


John’s point is KEY…he LET THE AD RUN!!! That’s the whole show when it comes to ads. Remember…

They have to SEE IT…
They have to REMEMBER IT…
And most IMPORTANT…They have to be able to FIND IT, when they need it!!!

By running that ad over and over… they’ll find it again when they’re ready.

The average HOMEVESTORS fanchise spends $5000/month (five thousand dollars!!!) a month on their advertising. These guy’s can do over 100 homes a year. Sure…a lot of them are for shorter money (wholesale) deals but at that rate you know there’s some REAL BARGAINS mixed in too!!!

Are you using display ads?

How often do you run it?

I am about to launch a display ad campaign and tweak it until it works.

I run my ad month to month. So far it had paid for itself many times over.

Picked up an inheritance from a don’t wanter last month. Right now i’m working on another inheritance where the lady sounds too scared to go to the property and show it to me. It’s in a worse neighborhood than my other rentals and by talking to her on the phone, she defiantly wouldn’t fit in there.