Would you take this deal?

I have 32 rental homes up for sale in GA. An investor from South Carolina has offered the full asking price. He wants to do a 13 month lease/option while rehabbing some of the properties so they will qualify for section 8. He says he will then work with section 8 in order to help the tenants buy the homes as that is his companies mission. He will also use the 13 months to work with the tenants to get them qualified with is lender. All lease payments to me will be handled by a third party escrow company. After I get my lease payment, he gets the rest. His is not putting up any binder money as he says he needs his available cash to rehab the properties. If we do not close for the full amount in 13 months, all repairs are free and clear to us. He is using his own rehab teams so I do not have to worry about mechanics liens form subcontractors, so he says. Would you take this deal and what do I need to include in the contract?
These homes were inherited two months ago and I have no interest in being a landlord. I already have eight rental homes that I own that a management company handles. I am semi-knowledgeable about what I need to do but I just don’t want to get scammed.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Based off of info provided:

I would need to know WHAT type of repairs were being conducted? Is the repair person/company licensed/bonded/insuranced? Will repairs be permitted/done according to local HUD guidelines?

And there WOULD be some DP money coming. First, it ain’t an option if they don’t put an option fee down. Second, if it’s being handled thru a 3rd party company, I’d want at least a full month’s worth of payments, in advance, sitting in the escrow company’s account. That way, if they miss a payment, you’re covered while you take back possession. If the deal works out, they get their money back on closing.

Also, need to all info about escrow company and details on terms of lease: what happens if they don’t make payment, if repairs not completed on time/properly, etc.