would you consider this a deal or no deal

this deal is:

a duplex for 15k

it needs about 10k in rehab

one unit rented at 375/mo

the second shoould rent for 400/mo

the question is do you consiuder this a good deal ???

If so why cant i sell it

Yeah that looks like a good deal…

Now why can’t you sell it?

Good question is it in a bad part of town?

Is it a crack house?

No it is not a crack house
the tenant that is in there is sec8
the part of the city it is in is the rental area lots of rentals in this area shoot i used to live in this part of town its not that bad.

And they are in Saginaw MI right?

yes they are are you in michigan to

I didn’t see a ARV on the deal?

I’m new to REI and have seen many deals in that area…someone calling themselves tha cashman keeps sending me email for properties at about 50% of what he states is FMV.

What would be the best way to break in? I’m looking at credit partnering as one avenue to pursue to build funds, as well as buy and hold of multiple family units for an income stream.

I’m from out of state, so landlording seems more problematic than buy, fix, sell. thoughts?


Dale, I was curious as to what this property would appraise for after the repair?

It would appraise for between 60 and 70