Would you buy this?


I am refering to the software programs that help determine a property’s income potential or rehab costs.

The page didnt work for me, but no I probably wouldn’t buy it. It’s probably the same thing as zillow.com but not for free. Zillow.com is pretty good to get a ROUGH ESTIMATE of the neighborhood to speculate, but certainly not A REAL APPRAISAL

No, I would not buy it. Determining income potential and rehab costs is VERY easy and can easily be done without a software program.


i was going to say what prop manager said, but i wanted to add the following:

no software determines anything. YOU do.

YOU do all the work in getting all the numbers that have to go into it. If YOUR numbers are not accurate - the software is as useless as YOUR numbers.

Excel spreadsheets, if they’re arranged correctly can be used easily. that’s all those software programs are really. number crunchers.

I developed my own, and the good thing is, i can continue changing them as i see fit. and, i’m not spending 500 bucks for it.

you can pick up Excel from edirectsoftware - google it.

i’m sure some of those programs are excellent, because they may offer other things, like what’s featured on reiclub. i’ve heard some good stuff about their featured package. i’m just not going to spend 600 bucks for it.

Excel works for me.