Would you be interested?

Attention moderators. This is not an intent to sell stuff, we’re trying to figure out whether this kind of service would be of interest to REInvestors

Posting for a buddy of mine who has access to list brokers’ data and would like to start selling this info for less that list brokers.
Example of available data:

*Bankruptcy data (pull by date, zip, county etc)
*List of renters in certain area - by zip, phone area code, county, state etc.
*List of homeowners - with equity (can specify), ownership length - by age, zip, county etc
*** NOD’s are n/a

No annual or monthly subscriptions!
1-100 names – $.20 per name
100-499 names – $.15 per name
500-999 names – $.10 per name
Turnaround 24 hrs

Please do not ask to buy this info, as this is only to see whether investors would be interested to pay this much for the accurate data. If you made your research, your list broker will charge more…

All questions and comments are welcome in this thread

Those prices are a bargain compared to what I’ve seen, especially if you can get NOD lists as well

Prices are good, depending on the parameters available.

if you can buy the names buy 100 instead of 1000’s that would be a phenominal bargin. I pay prices in line with what you are saying for 2000 -6000 names on the list, and they wont do the same prices for anything under 2000 names

I get the same lists for free… So it isnt a bargain to me…