Would this be a good note structure for resale?

Hey guys,

I am selling on owner financing. The following are the terms:

$115k @ 9% Interest Only payments for 3 years. My plan is to hold the note, but if I need to quick sale lets say in 6 months, would I get a good price on such note? What would note buyers usually offer for such notes.

Hey Fadi,

Your payor’s credit, employment, income & debt issues will
come into play as to how much a note buyer will quote you
on your held note.

Then again, you wouldn’t have to sell the entire
note. The option of selling a partial is always at your disposal.

:cool jason is correct in that you can sell all or part of your note /// as well more to the point the pay record of the buyer is key if you hold the note for any time are the payments on time and for the full amount as this would make it a good performming note

to answer how much would a buyer pay if your buyer is paying as i said above our note buyers would pay 80% and better for this note as it would be a low risk