I taked to my now old parnter in crime(LOL) we worked together on deals here in Chicago, IL. We made money wholesaling real estate to Investors, about a year ago he chose to go and do things on his own. I had no problem with that but I knew deep down inside he would give up when things got a little hard. In my mind I said why mess up a good things. See I was the one who educated my self and kept up with current change, I know everthing under the sun is not new but you must stay informed. At the time I was in the early phase of my career. We are both young guy myself just turned 25 and my ex-partner 24, anyway we were both go getters. I never let things bring me down I was looking for a way to solve the problem, not cry about it not saying he did. But you can tell if someone is really committed to success or not. But I got an e-mail from him saying he moved to costa rica and gave up on real estate. He said the market is trash and money is something that 's not really on his mind. Now me looking at life as it is you need money to live. I’m not one of those guys who make money their god becasue there’s only one God. I came to this conclusion real estate investing is not for everyone, hell business is not for everyone. I just don’t understand how a go getter becomes a no getter. Whats wrong with this picture?

Maybe your friend just got burned out for awhile. Tell him he can go down the road a bit and visit Matt Gerchow in Bogota…


The vast majority of newbies fail in this business. Your friend is just one of those that make up the majority. I think it’s that simple.


Dare I say that “most” people do not have the staying power of being self-(un)employed. :cool

Remember that when you are ready to quit you need to push just a little bit harder cause you are usually so very close to success!


He said the market is trash and money is something that 's not really on his mind.

I couldn’t help myself but Boiler Room came to mind…Ben Affleck…

Jim Young: They say money can’t buy happiness? Look at the f*****g smile on my face. Ear to ear, baby.

Jim Young: Anybody who tells you money is the root of all evil doesn’t f*****g have any.

I have spent many months in Costa Rica and if your friend is there now (rainy season) he will be looking to come back very soon…It’s much worse there…