Would it be illegal to buy a property back that I sold

This may seem like a stupid question to most if not all of you but I don’t know who else to talk to about this. I talked to a friend and they seemed to think that it would look like a scam.

I sold a property to a family member who fixed it up to be her primary residence. Its been a over a year and I want to buy it back. At the time I sold it I wasn’t financially able to do any work on it. I am really emotionally attached to this home. I would even sell her my current residence so I can purchase this home. Would it be bad business for me to purchase this property back from her? What do you think? Does it sound like a scam. I don’t want to go to jail for making an offer on a property!

Thanks in advance for your input!
alton, il

GO TO JAIL ??? Why would you think you could go to jail ??? If you sold the property legally, and now want to make a legal offer to buy it back, what’s wrong with that ?? You can’t force them to sell it back to you, but it wouldn’t hurt anything to simply ask . . . nicely !

Are we missing any other info we should know to give you advice on this one?? Even if the property isn’t for sale, nothing forbids you to make an unsolicited offer.

I’m confused by your concern about doing something illegal by making a simple offer.


I never said in the post that I thought that there was anything wrong with it. Thats why I came here. I don’t think there is anything wrong. I needed to prove a point. I specifically said that a friend I talked to said that it might seem like a scam and I came here looking to get advice from some other people to see what their opinion was to make sure there was nothing wrong with what I was saying. When I make a statement that I believe to be true and someone else doesn’t believe me I like to research and gather as many facts as I can from all types of sources to make sure that what am saying is ok. so Ken please don’t confuse yourself because of my request for other’s opinions in this matter.




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I wasn’t trying to be mean. I’m SORRY if I offended you. I admit my day didn’t start out well then I get to the computer and after reading your post I felt like I had to "prove my point " to you. Forgive me if I went a bit over board but its all true. I didn’t join rei to make a bunch of strangers my ememies. I am a Christian so again if I offended you I ask you and The Lord to forgive me.

Some body killed Kenny??? :grim:

You need to understand “South Park” to get it…

I get it, I got it! Kenny is always getting killed. Just haven’t seen it in awhile

You’re more than forgiven, glssweety, Kenny always comes back !! He’s always in the next episode !! I’ve got pretty thick skin too after several years in the Real Estate and Construction business. I was hoping that I hadn’t offended you. Sometimes it’s just too easy to get carried away with our ideas on here.

Well, now that’s behind us, have you made up your mind whether to proceed with that offer ? Just curious.

I made an offer on an 11 unit apartment building today. . . . not feeling too good about the chances of it being accepted. Maybe I’m feeling like you did the other day. Kenny will return, just like you did !!

By the way, I respect your stand on Christianity. This Kenny is a Christian too!! Tough on the outside, soft on the inside where it really counts!!

Good luck, don’t be a stranger !!