World Lending Group?

I’m trying to find a good lender to finance some of my investments. But then one day a friend introduce me to this WLG company where I can finance my own loans without going through a loan office along with building residual income by building a downline. Does anyone know about this company? What is your take on it?

How do you finance your own loans seams strange???

do you have a web site to look at ??

I have. I’d stay away from them.

I would be careful to. Look more into to firm it is mlm. again be careful.

Why would you recommend to stay away from them?

What does mlm means???

Here is their website:

What do you think?

WLG is Hubert Humphrey’s company. It is completely MLM (multi level marketing) I have heard some horror stories from this firm, check with your local BBB as well as the FTC. WLG was formerly run as WMA until they sold I believe 5 years ago to Dutch Ins. giant Aegon. The heavily push the Option Arm product and you do your own loans by acting as an LO for the company. It is all kind of shady!

So far there has not been any complaint on them in the BBB. What horror stories have you hear? How are they shady? Is mlm bad?

Putting aside my personal feelings for MLM companies, I see few issues that would have me reconsidering:

a. Arms length requirements/laws
b. The longevity of a MLM in the lending industry that will meet the long term muster of both the FTC and HUD.
c. MLM companies are built on charging a higher then market price for the product/service it is attached to (anyone purchase Amway soap?) and paying profits on 2 or more levels of your organization. So ask yourself, do you want to pay a higher interest rates/closing costs and do extra work (the job of a loan officer) when you can get financing more cost effectively with none of the added effort?

Just my 2 cents…


H. Scott Miller

Hi Scott,
Would you mind explaining A & B? I do not understand what do you mean.

Thank you!

An arm’s length transaction is one between a willing buyer and seller with no undue influence imposed on either party and where there is no relationship between the parties except that of the specific transaction.

The lending industry is one of the most regulated industries on the planet and is unlikely that survival of a MLM lending business model will survive the test of time.

Thank you for your explanation.

So would you say this company will only last for another year or two? It has been around since 2002.

I wouldn’t want to speculate as to the shelf life of this type of business model.

Just out of curiousity, if you can’t act as the lender and home buyer in the same transaction, why would you want to join?


if its residental you are talking about then ya its not a bad compay. You will be in someones downline and you will be paying them. The other bad thing is they usually dont have as good of lenders and regular loan officers. If you are talking about commercial, no way. These companies teach leverage and have good fundamentals when it comes to investing. They just cant finance outside the box. Private money is where its at.

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