Working with homeowners already on MLS

Myself as well as my investors refuse to buy properties that are listed on MLS. Here is Arizona, there are tons of “investment properties” that are listed with a Realtor and I’ve been picking my brain trying to figure out how to approach a homeowner to essentially fire them so I can take the deal. Most of course but there are properties that have been listed for over a year. Well that’s because they are fixers and there is too much competition for a regular buyer - they don’t want such a thing. Any ideas on how to approach these? Would it even matter if it was taken off MLS as far as effectiing value?

I’ve bought lots of really good properties off the MLS. Just forget about the comission, figure out what you want to pay, and make your low offer.

The commission is the seller’s problem.

On the plus side, if the seller accepts your offer, you’ve got the agent doing the running around and getting the property through escrow.