Working with an agent

As a newbie, what are some benefits working with an RE agent that is also an investor? Your inputs, please.

An agent/investor will “get” what you’re trying to do ( hopefully). Either way, you have to spell out you exact criteria. Also, an investment agen will be able to point out some things of a property that you may miss as a newbie. If they’re really good, they’ll take the time to educate you on what they know. Don’t view them as competition. The investors I’ve met are very helpful and are willing to share their knowledge. Just try to compensate them for their time with lunch, dinner gift certificates, etc… Good luck.

What are some of the things I have to do/give back to this person for his help, beside lunch and dinner certificates? I mean, I’m the one that’s absorbing all the knowledge and receiving the listings from him. I just want to know my appreciation as I learn. Thanks.

If you are using them as your agent when purchasing property , they will be getting a commission for their work. So it can be a win/win situation.

I was speaking of fellow investors in general that you run into at your local REIA or landlord asoc.