Working with a realtor

How many of you are working on your own, without Realtors? i.e. performing all contract work, offers, and negotiation yourself.

I’m also hoping you get several replies to your question from some experienced investors - I am interested in the answer to this question myself.

I think you’ll find that most experienced investors employ many strategies and do many different kinds of deals. Personally, I do everything on some deals and use my realtor for everything on other deals. It just depends what kind of deal it is and how it comes to my attention.


Jp, I guess the thing that bothers me about the realtor is when you sell. There are so, many discount brokers today that why would you want to pay top dollar? In the end, you can get your best price by doing what is best for you.

I’m with you! I found a flat fee broker that will put the listing in the MLS and also on and 13 other web sites for $300. I figure I can do a lot more local advertising on my own for what it would cost to pay a realtor.

Yeah, I guess that makes sense. If you have some good contacts with Realtors and they bring you a lead, it would seem fair to work with them thru the process.

I don’t worry about the amount of money others are making in a deal. What I care about is what I’m making. Many newbie investors have a negative impression about using realtors. This is just silly. If I can make $10,000 on a deal, do I really care if the realtor makes $1,000? If the deal makes sense for me, I’ll take it whether a realtor is involved or not.

The key is - don’t get greedy. Get the profit you want and be happy that others are profitting also!


I use a Realtor to buy listed properties. Contrary to some opinions here, it doesn’t really cost me anything because the SELLER PAYS THE REALTOR FEES.

I have no written contract with my realtor but she’s good at what she does. I often do a lot of the upfront legwork of finding the properties and she shows the property and does the Realtor work up to closing…