Working Neighborhoods

Hey all…

I went out this past week and started driving around the neighborhoods here in Austin, TX…looking to find rehabbers some good deals. Now that I’ve gone and done a little sweat work, I have a few questions…

  1. I found myself randomly driving up and down streets in non-warzone neighborhoods. How do you keep track of what neighborhoods you’ve worked and made sure you’ve gone through ALL of each neighborhood…real estate maps with highlighters?

  2. I’ve been working with an out-of town RE investor…giving me advice on what properties I should be targeting (homes that sell within 75k to 150k [125k prime], non-warzone, 3/2, have sound concrete structure, need renovations yet still have four walls, roof and foundation). Are there any neighborhoods in the Austin area like this? Ted…Tim…any other Austin investors/rehabbers…if you’re reading this…I’d love to hear from you guys…either as a reply, or PM.


Tom Montana

Warzone??? Is there a war going on in Texas???

My advice on your 1 questions about keeping track is to use my method.

I create a file system by County and then break it down further by township, etc.
I used to take my maps and photocopy them, marking and making notes on the photocopies and sparing my $20 map books!

I am in the IT technology field so I gave up photocopying my maps and I now use software like Street Atlas by Delorme on a small laptop. I also buy up to date paper maps by County from ADC because the software maps can be VERY wrong! You can buy the newest version of map software and find a neighborhood that is out of date by 15 years! lol The paper maps seem to be more reliable so I use both as a method of cross-checking.

With the software, you can create any kind of map you like, save it, makes notes and use pushpins all with the click of a mouse. If you screw up, you can fix it easily and you can archive these maps for years by burning the data to a CD.

It works well for me. You have to deal with a bit of a learning curve at first; however; after 2 weeks you will become very comfortable with it.

I hope I have helped you in some way,
Brian - NJ

Hi Tom,

I only work one county her in Florida, and I only drive about a 30 square mile area in the county. I divided the county into 12 zones, all about the same size. I drive zone 1 on Wednesdays and zone 2 on Saturdays, zone 3 the next Wednesday, zone 4 the next Saturday and so on. I just continue to repeat the pattern. Of course I log each property of interest. Soon you will have a regular, efficient rout that you take through each zone.

You should find a few investors in Austin and find out what types of properties they are looking for and where. Some investors like the “war zones.”

Good luck


“I also buy up to date paper maps by County from ADC”

What is “ADC”?

“The Map People”!