Woot Woot ~ I started

Hey all,

Just a quick note. I sent out my first barrage of letters this morning to folks who are in pre-foreclosure.

I sent out 70 letters total to folks who have had Lis Pendens filed in the month of January in my county.

I used red envelopes that my wife hand wrote on the outside. The letter was “printed” on yellow legal paper with a font that is my handwriting. I was quick and to the point and said “I saw the pending problem with your house…I may be able to help…I won’t ask you for a penny…Call me”

I will let everyone know how things work out and if I get a response. I am just “jumping right in”.

Thanks to everyone on these forums for your help and encouragement!


Good for you and good luck to ya!

You are one step closer to making that deal!

There are some people that stand to watch the wave, some that ride the wave and some that get run over by the wave and wonder “what happened?”
Good for you who rides the wave.

Where did you find your pre-foreclosures?

Thank you!

Best of Luck!

I went through the public records and did a mass mailing to all the Lis Pendins folks. It was tedious because I had to find their name on the Lis Pendis then look up their address in the county tax record database…very slow.

I got 1 call yesterday from a lady who said “my lawyer is handling it” and it was a misunderstanding. I managed to get her phone number out of her and I will call her again if the house goes to FJ and then foreclosure.

Another caller told me that her sister was in really bad health and living in the house and was stuck on not giving the house up. She said she has pulled money out of her truck to make the mortgage right but that she had no way to pay the mortgage down the road since her disability check had been cut. I told her I would talk to the bank for her and see if they would negotiate reduced payments for a while. Either way, I have an in with her and hopefully I can work something. She has a mortgage for 55K I could assume but I think they would want some money out of me for the deal once I show them there is no way she can keep the property. I know the house could sell for 110-135K easily in my market.

I put my email address on my letter and got an email from someone who said thier lawyer had “reinstated the mortgage” but he still emailed me to find out what I was all about and told me not to waste his time. I wonder why he would have even bothered me if his house was fine???..I have his email address and will watch his situation as well and hit him up as soon as JF is filed.

I sent these letters out Tuesday AM and was receiving feedback by Wednesday PM. Out of 70 letters sent, I have three responses. That is 4.3% response rate so far! Not too shabby.

While non of these have generated a deal yet, I am talking to people and getting my name out there…its all about networking.

More to come…


PS Can you tell I am excited?

Good luck man! At least whatever your media is for your message they are reading what you sent, even if there aren’t any deals. Sometimes getting them to open the envelope or look at the postcard is the hardest thing.

Doers get it done. Watchers see it get done.

Congrats on being a doer. It will take you places.



You have never heard “woot woot” its like saying “sweeet”