Wood floors in a master bedroom only?

If you guys were doing a nicer rehab, with tile flooring in the wet areas & hallway and carpet in the rest of the house…would you consider putting wood floors in the master bedroom (only in that room)? Would this be a problem and/or affect resale value (or time on the market)?

It’d match well, and look good in my opinion.

is the rehab for resale, or for rental? that would play somewhat into my decision. If your were selling it immediately, and wood floors were par for the course for the neighborhood, then I’d consider it to stay competitive in the market. If it were just a rental, maybe opt for laminate hardwood-it still looks good, and is considerably cheaper.

It is for resale, after rehab. I just want to see what you (experienced) guys think about having just one room with a wood floor.

Whats there currently? If its a nicer rehab, I would consider it for just the master bedroom, to set it off as the master versus the smaller bedrooms that i’m assuming have carpet. I’d just make sure it would pay back on the resale value, all about dollars and cents…

My inclination is to use a consistent theme in a house. With exception of the wet areas, I use either all carpet or all hardwood. I think it flows and looks better. Most people like the look of hardwood but the feel of carpet in a bedroom. In your case, since the rest of the house has carpet, that’s what I’d use.


I agree with Equity. Match the carpet from the rest of the bedrooms and have it all flow.