Women-centric homes SELL!! Great ideas for your next rehab.

I visited one of these homes this week. Some really great ideas in them. This is new construction so it’s a little easier to implement than in a rehab, but the FEATURES are what is selling these homes. Window seats, pantries, small mud rooms with storage. Check it out…

These types of homes are GOLD MINES for me. The builder on this one has built over 1000 homes in this state. I don’t have to re-invent the wheel. By finding a home like this in your area and matching the interior paint colors ( picked out by a VERY EXPENSIVE interior designer) trim details, kitchen STYLES, tile colors and carpet. I can re-create on a smaller scale something that makes MY homes stand out. It’s all part of a COMPLETE package. Look at were and on what money is being spent. These houses are like looking at a road map for successful rehabbing. Copy what WORKS!!

Great article man. Thanks for posting.

Great article and I will be looking for a builder like yours. Also, I will some of your upgrades on my next flip


They also sound like better homes to live in which is nice. From what I’ve learned it’s the touches that get a buyer to love a home that gets them to buy it, hence all the fuss over staging, painting and trim. This builder just took it a step farther.