Wish I knew an investor for this

Just got a property under contract. I usually don’t deal with this type but couldn’t resist.
Very motivated older couple,
15 acres, over 4000 sq ft colonial farmhouse,6/7 beds, 3.5 baths, 4 kitchens. 16x32 inground pool.
8 greenhouses, 2 large barns, and a gift shop/stand.
Land is sub-div.
Appraisal was $1.2 million, and in just about the hottest part of Upstate NY. I got the property under contract for $750,000.
I can’t find any investors interested in that size property. I just didn’t want to walk away from this property at that price.
Anybody have suggestions?

Why not sell it yourself?
Maybe you should line up an investor who can split the holding costs, I.E. mortgage, taxes?