Wisconsin Newbie

1st timer here, just have been reading the forums…

I’ve been trying to nail down what exactly I should/can do. Part of me wants to do wholesaling, the other part wants to do rehabbing. I know the pros and cons of each and I know it’s more about mind-set right now more than anything else. BUT, the reason why I don’t feel as strong for wholesaling is because of the attached negative press and whether or not a real estate attorney or title company understands the process.

I recall asking one RE attorney about wholesaling a few years ago and they could not answer the same question and it put me off (and behind actually) of RE investing for awhile. “If an attorney couldn’t answer that question, I had no business trying it.” Foolish, I admit, but it still sticks with me.

Regardless of its perceived legal status, part of me really would like to get into rehabbing/renovation. The other part still wants to wholesale until I get myself established.

Any other WI newbies/investors/wholesalers who are either rehabbing or wholesaling out there who can give a little advice in regards to the Wisconsin (Southeast- outside of Milwaukee specifically) markets?

Any regular wholesalers out there? Any positive/negative feedback on that aspect of RE?

Thanks, from a newbie who needs a kick the rear to get going…

Why not do both?
when you are with more rehabs that you can handle sell the other deal as a wholesale.

Just my humble opinion.


I’m actually in your same situation as well as location! Right now I’m studying, and trying to learn more about the local markets. Did you mean you plan on staying away from the city of Milwaukee as far as investing? If so- why?

Good Luck,


Actually, I phrased that wrong Jeff. I meant based just outside of Milwaukee. I just barely SW of Milwaukee.