i bought a house that has been winterized, notice says do not turn on water or electricity. that water company will not come out to turn water on what can I do?

OK…You bought a house.
The house is yours.

Now WHO is saying you cant turn on the water?

Was the house a REO? If it is a REO the mortgage company would have had the house winterized and the sign is probably there to warn real estate agents, etc so the house stays secure while still owned by the mortgage company.

If this isn’t the case, please restate your question.


Its your house. Get the electric, gas, and water companies to come out there to help you hook this stuff back up. You need to bring this house back to life. Get the water, gas, and electric going. You probably see tape over the toilet, tape on all water fixtures i.e sinks, bathtub faucets, water heater, fuse box taped shut, etc. This is standards stuff when a bank owns a house.

Its now up to you to bring it back to life. Good luck,


Have somebody there when the water is turned on, so you can get if off fast if there is a broken pipe.

If your escrow is closed, you can have utilities turned back on.

Usually when they winterize a house, they will disconnect the meter from the main valve inside the house. Simply re-connect the meter to the main valve and/or re-connect the pipe to the meter. Unless the meter is broke or missing, the water department considers everything from the street OWNER responsibilities.

Like tatertot says, make sure there are at least two of you there, one to turn the water on, one or more to run around the house looking for leaks/open valves.