winter advertising

I live in Minnesota where it is very cold for much of the year. In the summer i advertise to buy homes with my bandit signs, classified ads, and various other ways. In the winter however the signs do not work because the ground is so hard. Do any of you have any advice for advertising to find sellers in cold states like mine?



Howdy Sonriffic:

Move to Texas.

I could not live there where it is that cold. If I want snow I shake my little water scape and enjoy the white stuff.

I have never tried to hammer into frozen ground. The ground here in summer gets baked and it gets hard as well but not that hard I am sure. What methods have you tried to perhaps pre-drill a hole?


pre-drilled holes I have tried. It just becomes a lot of work and I figured I’d try to figure out something better. Maybe I will move to the south. Thanks for your response.


Here’s my method, fwiw…I pull my pickup right up close to a utility pole and stand in the bed or on the side and, using a long framing hammer, put the bandit sign as HIGH up a wooden light pole as I can reach. Since I’ve already pushed the top roofing nail into the sign, I can usually get the sign out of harms way (10-12 feet high) for a while.

If the poles are concrete or steel, I use those long zip ties that you can buy in $20.00 packages at Home Depot/Lowes then put 2 together through EACH of the top and bottom holes in the sign, then ZIP them onto the poles and push the sign up as high as possible once the zips are tied, then tighten them tightly.

I also use an 800 phone number to avoid unpleasantness. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight. It sounds much easier than fighting the ice-cold dirt. Nice touch.