Window Treatments in Rental Properties

What is the standard for providing window treatmets in rentals?. I will be renting a SFH and was wondering if I shoud provide the window treatments( mini blinds , etc) The house is a real gem and I would hate to have tennants damage the walls by drilling holes to put their own up.

I don’t think there is a standard.

I’ve been doing rentals in a tight market here, and tenants tell me units they looked at where the lanlords don’t clean, don’t paint, don’t recarpet, NOTHING. It’s “you want the place, you fix it.”

On the other hand, I clean, paint, re-carpet, and started window treatments on most units, especially ones I rehabbed. It’s true lots of repairs were needed because of tenants installing blinds or other treatments when they move in, and removing them when they move out.

By doing what I do, the units are often rented in a day. If I lose a months rent, for a 2BR, at $1,400, how many windows could I have done already. This is not to mention getting better tenants, and cutting down on repairs.

Some years back, I install verical blinds, which was expensive, and a WOW factor. It still is, even though it’s less expensive.

For multi’s, installing window treatments gives the building a more uniform appearance. Once I had one guy with nice blinds and curtains on one floor, and one guy covering his windows with “ugly sheets” on the other. YIKES.

I put miniblinds in all of my rentals. You can get them from Walmart or Lowes for about $3.50 each. I try to standardize my rentals, so I always use the same color (white). Miniblinds look great and are cheap to replace when the tenants tear them up (which they always do). The mounting boxes usually survive the tenant and therefore all you need to do is place the new blind in the mounting.

Good Luck,


Mini-blinds from Lowes/home Depot here…$4-5 a set…they look clean and professional.


Mini blinds here, as well… but I go with the off white, which matches my walls… which makes the white trim stand out even more.

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