Window Treatments, blinds, etc.

Do you provide window treatments, blinds,etc in your rentals?

I always provide blinds, because they’re so cheap (from Walmart) , and I’m afraid if I didn’t provide them that tenants in my lower income areas would just end up throwing blankets or sheets up in the windows, which looks like garbage IMO.

Also, I get them up pretty quick because I don’t want every Tom, Dick, and Harry peering into the house while I’m fixing it up/renting it out.

I put up blinds also. I always lever the blinds open until I get it rented. How else are you going to sell the house if they can’t see what they are getting?

We buy the cheap vinyl blinds as well. Wal-Mart and Lowe’s have about the same prices. You can get blinds for most window sizes for between $3.75 - 5.00. I don’t leave the blinds open when I’m working on a place because I leave a few things over there (never power tools or anything like that) and don’t want to give people a reason to get in there.

Ditto Jake and Justin!