Willing to take advice

Hi all,
About a year ago I ordered Dwans Making money program,and I have learned alot.However,I have never tried to implete her program :rolleyes -as far as I have gotten is a list of rehabbers/investors that are interested in properties.
However,I have alot of questions.I live in Mississippi which has NO right of redemption-so time is of the essence in my state.
One question I have,perhaps someone in Mississippi can help me with this question. How do I do a Short sale with Bank owned property? How do I work with a real estate agent to get them to submit my offer to the bank? How long does someone have to be behind in payments before it is submitted to the court house for foreclosure? I have so many questions-but those are my main ones.
I am so scared of making a mistake :anon ,or being laughed out of someones office :argue.I have wanted this for a long time,and anyone that can give me advice would be greatly appreciated. :help