William Tingle, Steve Cook, or other course....

I’m in NC and looking for a course that focuses on sub2 and l/o. What are you opinions of the William Tingle and Steve Cook course?

Do they come with all the necessary forms, examples, etc?

I havent done either course, but I have read alot of reviews of steve cook and havent seen any complaints.

I’m not personally familiar with either. But, like Eric, I have generally heard positive feedback for Cook’s course.
Regarding lease options, The Naked Investor is number one, in my opinion.

I know of both, and Steve Cook got me started into the Investing career. Steve Cook is pretty much a rehab guru and I have chatted and exchanged emails with him. I do like his courses on rehab.

As far as sub2, you will not find better course than John Cash Locke’s “Sub2 thats what I do” full course. I actually just finished listening to it for the second time. I would send him an email or private message here and tell him your goals, and he is usually more than happy to talk to you.