William Nickerson...where is he today?

For those who are curious…where is William Nickerson [the father of the REI book writing business, for those who don’t know] these days…?

He appears to be live & well!


http://www.senaterepublicans.ct.gov/senainfo/Nickerson.htm and

He’s from CT, must be a good guy. :beer

He is a Republican he must be a crook.

As far as I know he passed away. Not 100% sure though.

He mows my yards for me. HA! :beer

A republican in CT? Who would have thunk it? I guess we didn’t lynch them all. :frowning: :huh

Hmm, I just read something on John T Reed’s website that says he DID die in 2000. That’s odd, as the guy who told me that was him seemed confident about it. See http://www.johntreed.com/bestseller.html

But if you read: http://www.senaterepublicans.ct.gov/senainfo/Nickerson.htm it says that William Nickerson graduated in 1961 from Harvard, which would put him in a close timeframe to William’s original book [maybe he made money in the 50’s, then went to Harvard]?

AND most interestingly his profile says “Senator Nickerson manages a real estate investment business…”

But who knows. Can someone confirm or deny this for sure?

I found another site that mentions him dying in 2000. I think there are 2 guys with the same name, the senator just happens to deal with real estate as well.

I AM Keyser Soze !

You mean like:

Dan Rostenkowski
John Murtha
Gerry Studds
James C. Green
Frederick Richmond
Marion Barry
Bill Campbell
Hazel O’Leary
Edward Mezvinsky
Henry Cisneros
Albert G. Bustamante
James Guy Tucker, Jr.
William McCuen
Webster Hubbell
Thomas Joseph Dodd
Guy Hamilton Jones, Sr
Jerry Springer
Bolley ‘‘Bo’’ Johnson
William Clinton
Edward Moore Kennedy
Sandy Berger
Robert Torricelli

Ooooops…wait…those are from the Democratic party

(…and if you need to know what kinda things these “gems of society” did, let me know and I can let you know where to find the info!)

Suffice it to say that BOTH sides have their share of crroks. If you want to see “crooked” in action, read the history of the State of New Jersey!


Luckily for us our government is full of honest, decent Republicans to keep it afloat. :rolleyes

Speaking of Democrats, what about that William Jefferson with a hundred thousand dollars in his FREEZER!!

That’s where I keep my cash…safest place I know of. :anon

The William Nickerson you are referring to passed away in 2000, as Rich
I believe it was in October…not too sure
of the month.