Will Zillow Buying Homes Take Over The Market?

Zillow will begin buying and selling homes through its Zillow Offers program in five new markets in 2019: Miami, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Nashville, Orlando and Portland. Sellers in these markets can request cash offers from Zillow to buy their home. Zillow announced it expects the program to be fulling up and running in these markets by the fall.Zillow Offers allows homeowners to request a no-obligation cash offer from Zillow to buy their home. If they accept it, Zillow directly buys a seller’s house, prepares it for showings and quickly lists it for sale.

Zillow is now adding Ohio and a total of 26 markets coming into 2020, Will it hurt us? I have spoken to just a handful of people that have experienced this, any thoughts? We are in Pittsburgh, PA and have a
sell my house fast Pittsburgh type of company. I am worried this is going to crush stuff. We appreciate your input.

This is an excellent topic. We, too, have been keeping an eye on Zillow Offers (we are based around Indianapolis) and are strategizing plans for change as they will likely grab a share of the market. Possible opportunities that we’ve been looking for are either to partner with Zillow and/or to diversify as a local team with local and personalized knowledge/experience. But those are just surfacy ideas that haven’t amounted to much.

I would also like to hear from others who have been considering this change too.