Will your review my Purchase agreement?

I’m looking for someone to review my Real Estate Option Agreement, and provide suggestion for improvement.

I know people will reply to this topic by saying "get a lawyer to review it’.

But, because I am new and don’t know if I’ll ever find a property to offer an Option on, I don’t want to spend alot of money, at first.

I’d like some of you, who are experienced, to simply look it over, make suggestions, and then when I take it to a lawyer, he’ll probably spend less time on it.


what state are you in?
many states have real estate commission website, they have purchase contracts on those sites. they are written by attorneys, most frequently used by licensees, and have thought of “everything” that has been a problem prior to the last version.

wendy, how do you find a site like that? Is that something exclusively for the agents or are those resources avalable to the public. I can’t find anything like that for NYS, all i run into are the “generic” forms that are about half a page and give more space to sign your name then they do of information!


real estate contracts then enter your state!

You can also find a ton of real estate forms for free by running a search for it

alex111 how are you . can you send me a copy of your purchase agreement.?