Will they file?

I just read an article about Countrywide investors ‘running for cover’ due to bankruptcy roomers. Personally, I’ve been saying that they will close for a while now. I still believe it will happen. What do you think?

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Bank of America is in advanced talks to buy them out and they will merge. I just read an article on that here:


I was told this a few months back by one of my lender reps, and I would put my money on a upcoming merger between the two.

That would make sense that it would be BoA. Isn’t that who gave them the $11 bill bail out loan?

I heard that it was good old Warren Buffett… The Real Question here is what happens when the Nations number one Lender Files BK. That is not a good sign.

Told you so…check out the business news today - BoA to buy countrywide with 4bil in stock shares or something like that.


Good job there Stevie-o… If you have a chrystal Ball you might want to lend out we would really like that as well. LOL

The BoA gobble countrywide

i know it’s after the fact, but i knew they wouldn’t file especially being the largest lender in america! or better yet let me say that i felt like the government would step in and/or another large foreign investor would bolster them with a surge of cash to help them make it through this tough time…

i wanted to buy some of their stock while it was $5 bucks and with this news i will most certainly be investing in some stock…

one other thing, in some circles around wall street it has been said that the government brokered this deal to insure they (countrywide) didn’t file as that would have single-handedly taken not only the financial markets down but probably would have brought on the much bally-hooed recession they keep talking about, so this was a major psychological move for the financial markets; but the market as a whole still got slaughtered today, go figure!

Countrywide stock is at $6.41 a share… Time to buy. LOL 1/14/08 9:11 am CST