Will SS affect my credit - am not on loan

I am not on the loan to our house

Now, doing a short sale on our house, I am wondering if it will affect only my husbands credit because he is the only one one the loan? Or, will it affect mine too?

We are in AZ which is a community property state, but still, I am not on the acutal loan.


No it will not affect your credit. If the home is only in your husbands name.

I live in a community property state also. My wife and I purposely only take out loans in one name. Our thought process is that if and when I hit the limit of houses that I can finance we then start to finance them in her name and when she maxes out we have more than enough houses. This stops us from maxing out.

Nope, it shouldn’t! If your name isn’t on the note, trust or any doc… you’ll be good!!