Will someone Help me to get a hard contact a Country wide to expadite a file?

Hi, I just placed a great offer 175 K in a short sale deal. I have been working with this file for 7 months. CS told me CW they imput the information wrong in the system, they imput it as a Normal Sale not a Short Sale. After waiting 7 long months, my file got closed down without receiving a rejection letter. I could CS and I inquire about it. They told me to submitt another highter offer which I did to match their bpo. Now, what I need is someone who had worked in the past with CW and help me to get a LM assigned to the file in order expedite my file. Any help please ?

I will appreciated it a lot

from Isacaro

I have a person at CW and Nomura Securities who lends to CW but they only do certain states…What state is the property located in?