Wife not trying to sign.

How is everyone one doing? I have a contract signed with one homeowner but the other homeowner is not responding the foreclosure is vastly apporaching. It is a divorce case the wife is not working with us at all. Has anyone ever ran into this type of situation if so how did you handle it. The husband thinks that the wife wants the foreclosure to go onto his credit.

Thanks in advance for your responses.


There is alot of angles you can use such as getting her to understand that its her credit too. The foreclosure is hers as much as his. Do you know were she works? Do you know her financial situation? Can you buy her invested intrest in the property? There is alot.

here is a thought…do you know a number to reach her?..if so why dont you call her and find out what she is looking to get out the house …if its money, a car, her husbands credit, and whatever she responds with go from there if money how much work off that number let her know its just as much her problem as his…in the end you need to try to solve the problem she has if your profit margin allows to do so then work together to find a solution and get the deal done if not then in most cases there is not much you can do