Wife & Husband separated. Husband in Depression

Here is a situation where the couple is separated.

The husband is said to be in Maniac Depression and the mother of the husband has power of attorney.

The wife has signed the Quit Claim Deed.

What happens next.

What should I do now?

How would the experts deal with this case.

that sounds like a law question to me…i’m a law student but not real estate law.
if you do buy a house from them/her she could sign a contract that you have clear title with no encumbrances. if you didn’t then she would have to answer to it.
there are also certain jurisdictions which an heir, or almost 3rd party could step in to claim an interest in title to the house even while the parent is still alive if will provides certain rules.
so those are 2 items that may injure the “clean title” relationship.