Widening asphalt driveway.

I’m going to ceal one of my driveways, but for some reason the driveway was made too narrow. The driveway is in good shape but needs to be about 2-3 feet wider.

I am thinking I’m better off just hiring someone to widening the driveway, and then I’ll take care of cealing it. Any thoughts on widening the driveway?

Do it myself or hire it out???

Lets see…I need hot asphalt, dump truck to haul hot asphalt, compacted 3/4 minus gravel ,. shovel, screed rakes, a couple slaves, asphalt roller,…yup ! better hire it done, unless you have these items in the shop some where.

Sealing …

1st off GOD WNZ you probably don’t need a dump truck. I’ve poured cement driveways and I didn’t own a cement truck. I ordered the cement and then finished the cement myself (plus some friends). It saved me a ton of money. I wasn’t sure if I could just order the asphalt to be delivered, spread and finish it myself. Do it yourself projects are enjoyable to some of us.

2nd. All I was looking for was a “Don’t even attempt it” or “I did it and it worked out great” kind of answers. If it’s possible I would like to try it myself, but if its not that’s fine.

I’m not completely retarded when it comes to construction. Just looking for little advice from those that have TRIED it successfully or unsuccessfully.

I have had a lot of paving done. I am im Michigan, so it may be different in other parts of the country…
You can go and pick up asphalt, but I don’t know of them delivering. Nasty stuff and very hot, so you would need a complete junker of a vehicle and disposable clothes.
From what I understand, it won’t cost a lot, though.
You would need to prep the drive; Compact a base, etc. You could then spread with shovel and rake…the hard part is the compacting. A water-filled roller will work for small patches. I am accustomed to seeing power-rollers. Also, the seamed edge is usually torched soft to “blend” the seam of old and new.
I just had a driveway widened by 4 feet–100 lineal feet at 1.60 per square foot; all-inclusive. It looks great, and cost $640…
You arent’ supposed to seal for 6 months, but I did it anyway to blend old and new better.

I was kind of looking forward to a day of asphalting fun. Oh well, I’ll just pay someone. Thanks for the info.

Seeing is you posted this the day after Juneteenth I guess I need to tell yo that Mr. Lincoln done freed dem slaves.

Anyone I know that’s done asphalt in the summertime hasn’t called it “fun,” you must have a different idea of fun than I do.

your post says asphalt driveway…not “cement”.
Congrats on your “cement” driveway job, hope you recieved all the other ingredients too ! Makes for a nice concrete driveway.
Glad to hear your not a complete retard too,

:biggrin - GOD WNZ your a funny guy.

Pouring the CONCRETE driveway was stressful. There was some yelling and stuff during the pour. But we got it done and had some fun. I’m not sure if I would recommand someone trying to pour a cement driveway, unless they have some experience.

This ASHALT job I’m looking to do is just a small little 2 X 50 ft. section.

Hot Iron, :beer :beer

You can always just have a dump truck full of gravel dumped right ontop of the existing driveway…hire some day labor…and in a couple hours…bam…you have yourself a wider, couple hundred dollar driveway. That’s how some guys do it with their low income rentals in Dallas :biggrin