Wide range of rental rates for retail properties

I observed that the rental rates for retail properties varies with the size of the property. Smaller the property higher the rental rates. For example see below the rates for various sized spaces at the Southgate Mall in Yuma, AZ. All rates are NNN

31,000 SF $14.00/SF/Year Anchor
52,000 SF $11.50/SF/Year Anchor
25,000 SF $15.00/SF/Year Anchor
700 SF $36.00/SF/Year Regional Center/Mall

I saw another property on Loopnet that is an ex Walmart center. The size is 135,000 SF and the rental rate id $6.00/SF/Year.

I’m wondering why such a huge disparity. Can anyone throw some light on this?


Anyone please?

I think you answered the question yourself. The larger the space, the lower the rent. A former 135k sf Walmart center is a pretty big building. Not too many businesses can fill that sort of place up. I’m guessing the rate at which rent decreases for larger buildings changes dramatically once you go beyond a certain point, but I don’t know where … 60k, 70k, 80k sf? Get some more comps to fill in the blank area between 135k and 25k, and you’ll probably get your answer.