Why you DO NOT want to sell your FORD stock....The BEST is yet to come

It’s called momentum. And as Toyota continues to slide, FORD is gaining traction.

What we are witnessing is a complete 180 degree turn in PERCEPTION regarding Ford as a COMPANY.

These events occur in business over and over. The KEY is to HOLD ON and RIDE these shifts.


These opportunites come along once in a DECADE…We are witnessing the complete RESURGENCE of Ford Motor as a COMPANY…

I’ve been investing in car companies for over 20+ years…The returns these situations can provide are literally BREATH TAKING…What needs to be understood here is this…15 years ago FORD was a $36 stock…It was NOT the lean, focused company it now is…It did NOT have ground breaking contracts with the UAW that now have workers starting at $14/hour, no more JOBS BANK, No more health care payments for retirees coming from Ford, it’s now the UAW’s responsibility to manage those accounts.

DO THE MATH…If Ford was a $36 stock WITH all the legacy costs and they now have a FRACTION of those expenses, MUCH BETTER PRODUCT, and HUGE GAINS in customer PERCEPTION of the company…How long will it take before Ford stock has swapped places with TOYOTA and is at $75-$80/share???

Think I’m kidding???

In 1992 CHRYSLER stock was $9/share. By 1998 that stock was $185/share when Mercedes purchased Chrysler. At that time CHRYSLER had the best selling cars in each segment. The company had CHANGED IT’S PERCEPTION in the eyes of the CONSUMER…Exactly what FORD is now doing!!!

There’s more…

Porsche…$20/share in 1990…The 944 and 928 models moved away from what made a Porsche, a Porsche… and sales DIED.

Porsche…$220/share in 2001 a then completely new 911 and the Boxster replaced DOGS like the VW based 944 and the over weight 928. BETTER PRODUCTS meant improved CUSTOMER PERCEPTION and a higher stock price.

Ford made over $1,000,000,000 in the last 3 months of 2009 with annual cars sales running under 10 million/year…the average yearly car sales numbers should run to about 13 million…Lowers costs, BETTER MANAGEMENT, HUGE GAINS in PUBLIC PERCEPTION and landmark contract concessions, with HUGE recession provided PENT UP DEMAND mean ONE THING…


Bye bye volvo.

I think you got this one right.


Man… im KICKING myself for not putting the little money I have (1500) into Ford. I could be well on my way to that 30k.

Good call tho Jake.

Hoosier. As good as the Ford stock was and is there are many other good stock plays. The hard hard part is learning how to buy,manage and sell them. You could certainly open up an online account and start trading/investing. But remeber that you can and WILL lose money while learning. Consider it a tuition. When FDJAKE mentioned the Ford stock so long ago, I was one of them who jumped on his “coatail” because I didn’t know how to do it myself… I soon realized that if If I buy FORD on FDJAKE’s advice, I must also sell on FDJAKE’s advice. Without his advice I’d be useless because I couldn’t make my own decision. I’ve been working on my stock investing/trading education for over a year now. I’ve made and lost money but I learned a lot. I think at this point, it might be quicker and easier for you to earn that $30K from busting your butt. In your current situation, I can see you geeting that within a year. You could still buy Ford stock and basically just hold it for the duration of the uptrend. Learning how to make your own decisions is difficult and very worth it… :beer

That is GREAT advice from Phlemboy! :beer


Hey FD,

How did those Ford options work out for you. They were for 2010, if I remember right. But I don’t remember exactly when they expired. I am curious when you sold them and for how much. Most people don’t understand options, maybe you could break it down a little for them.


I “optioned” my options and converted the 1000 January $7.50 calls I owned into 10,000 shares of Ford stock purchased at $7.50/share.