Why would I ever vote?

Hi Group,

Its a legitimate question. I have yet to vote in my life. I’m 34 years old. I even worked for our govt. serving 6 years in the Air Force.

My wife pushed me very hard this past election to vote as did other family members. I didn’t vote.

I always come down to this statement…my single vote will not help me change the economics, healthcare, social security, foreclosures, or consumer confidence. The politicians all talk a great game for one simple reason…they want my vote. Screw them, I can’t trust them. NONE of them!

Bottom line…I NEVER complain about my taxes going up, health care costs, a gallon of milk costing an arm and a leg, etc. etc. Its just the way it is no matter if a dem or GOP is in office.

So…why should I vote if I can’t trust a single person in our govt?


Because people have died fighting to give us the right to vote?

As somebody who has served in the military I would have expected for this to more appreciated.

Vote Ron Paul or Barr or something.

I believe that if a person does not study the text of proposed laws and the character of the people they vote for, then they should not vote.

Having said that, it is our civic duty to do so.

Really? No Sh@T Sherlock. I have been to war. I know EXACTLY what your saying. Do I feel bad for not voting? Yes and No.

Listen…I know I will get beat up over this subject. At least I have the balls to open myself up for ridicule.

So…your solution is to vote Ron Paul or Barr or something?

That’s it?

I meant no disrespect. You have been to war, and I havent. But the point still remains… It should be every Americans duty to not only vote, but be informed on the policies of who they are voting for. Surely you can find somebody to vote for.

Some of the reasons I don’t vote as well Gordo. Same corruption, same false promises over and over again. One promises to make things better(and some REALLY try), broken promises, the next group promises to make things better…rinse and repeat. I really wish politicians weren’t greedy/hypocrites/power hungry/liars etc etc. Neither you or I by voting will change any of that.

Your point is perfectly valid.
People may have hopes and dreams that political offices are earned with votes, but that is not necessarily so.
Wasn’t there a recent scandal involving bribery for a vacant office?
People fight and die in wars defending our country, but that offers no assurance that our government will not concede to corruption and tyranny.
Truly, that is one of the reasons why we continually defend our right to own and bear arms.
Consider this, though:
If voting makes no difference, why are there so many poll cats in our legislature?
I’m also sure that you can think of an extremely unpopular politician that was voted out of office. Here in California, Gray Davis was recalled. Apparently, voter polls attributed this to his inability to handle the budget and unemployment.
To me, the fact that you are articulating your grievance on this forum demonstrates that you care, you just don’t believe that your vote counts, and even if it did, our elected officials are inept and unethical.
I don’t think there’s ever been a shortage of that in any government.
I think there are many people in our country who feel exactly the same way you do.


I felt like you a long time ago.

But I registered to vote, sat down and read the voters’ information, and then just did the best I could in voting. That’s all any of us can do.
Sometimes I was just voting for a candidate because I liked their name. But I voted.

Your vote is a drop of water. Mine is a drop of water. But all together we are an ocean!

Yes, one vote can make a difference. You are smart and well-spoken. You would make good judgments. No, all politicians are not crooks or deceitful. Really they are public servants doing a job I would not have the patience for! All those meetings…!

Please vote. It is so important to add your vote to your voice.


To echo furnishedowner- “a vote is like a drop of water,” the thing is that local elections are more like puddles, rather than oceans, so one vote really can change the outcome of an election, for say a municipal judge, or local referendum, or something like that.

I understand what you’re saying, but I think it’s still good to vote. Just accept that your set of choices will be limited beforehand by special interests and who can raise the most money. We have a choice between choosing what we perceive as the lesser of two evils, or doing a protest vote for people like Paul or Kucinich who can never get elected. Sometimes I wish we had something like a parliamentary government where newer parties have more of a chance, but that would mean overhauling our entire system.

I really used to feel the same way,I did’nt go vote until 08 and I’m 34yrs old.Thanks for your service to the country.It all has gotten so corrupt for a long time,I agree.Until congress has term limits it will continue.I listen to both sides and make my own decision on who’s more full of crap.Don’t give up on our system just yet,people are starting to take a stand in numbers against the govt lying and spending like crazy.I have faith in my fellow americans to see through the bs and you should too.Its frustrating but speak up,you’ll be amazed by the number of people who feel the same way.

I respectfully disagree. The military does not work for the government, they work for America. Democrat, Republican, or independent we are all served by our military.

Our ancestors fought for freedom and the right to vote. I respect those who choose not to vote.

However, by not voting they relenquish the right to complain about what the elected government is or is not doing.

I’m in the same boat.

I’m in Canada but I am not a registered voter, but I will register next time to vote.

You are in the army. So you will understand this analogy.

1 soldier won’t make a difference in a war, but 100 000 will.

I personally think it is a matter of choosing the lesser of the 2 evils…