Why would a realtor want to help me?

I am new at bird dogging. I have always loved real estate and investing. I plan on being very successful with this but I guess what my question is what’s in it for the realtor and why wouldn’t they do this themselves? How do I approach a realtor and get them to buy in to helping me? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I asked the above questions that seemed logical to me. I am hoping since no one has replied that I didn’t offend anyone or say something that was tabu. :help

I think the issue is that people are thinking why are you using a realtor to be a Birddog? I’m just guessing. When I started out as a Birddog I did look at listed properties but you don’t need a realtor to find listed properties and definitely not in this market. I also “drove for dollars”, called title company contacts (the benefit of having a mortgage background) that gave me 60-90 day late leads and door knocked. Then I went from that to just doing the deals myself.

Hope that helps you.

hmmmmmm well to paint a picture for ya… the only reason i would see you need a realtor would be to locate buyers on the mls or do market research… wholesalers use birddogs to sniff them out the houses that are not listed so you would definitely not be using your agent for that, wholesalers can do that themselves… but lets say your the kind of birrdog that puts the numbers together then presents it to the wholesaler then you can use your agent for comps and things like that… but hey if your going to go through all the trouble of putting the numbers together i say do the deal yourself $500-$2000 vs $5k-$10k :beer