Why Sub2 is better than wholesaling

I know I know, wholesaling does have its place. I’ve got a couple wholesale deals in the works right now.

But, more importantly, I have a deal that I bought subject to that is cashing me out as we speak. This particular deal, and most of my deals, the “traditional” investor would have passed up on. When it’s all said and done, I’ll have made around $20K on this deal. And this is the smallest one I’ve done, it was my first.

Bought sub2 @$55K. Resold for $65K with $5K down. Positive cash flow of around $250/month.

Underlying is paid down to around $50K, my back end still owes $59K.

$9K cashout
$5K down
$250/month positive cash flow for 18 months

These things are everywhere.