Why Oh Why Didn't I take the Blue Pill

I guess I’ve been watching too much Matrix, my wife always says, “what? You’re watching that again”? I laugh and say, it’s my favorite. Sometimes I even compare my situation in life with the movie.
Especially Wholesaling Real Estate.
Wouldn’t it be nice is everything went smoothly in our little world?
But, the battle between Neo and Mr. Smith is ongoing.
The machines want us to stay down and feed us intravenous BS so we don’t rise up and try to take control.

There are a certain percentage of humans that need to rise above a job and a working existence.
But nobody told Neo he would have to work his ass off and eventually make the ultimate sacrifice.

Nobody told us that doing Real Estate could be so difficult, with so many disappointments and failures. Along with the emotional ups and downs. I sometimes wish I had taken the blue pill.

But then, when that one big deal finally comes together, I realize, hey, that wasn’t so difficult and it sure as hell wasn’t as bad as getting up at 6:30 every morning and going to a regular job.

Now knuckle up. Get out there and never give up.

Thanks man. Inspiring stuff. Plus im a matrix fan myself. (Morpheus voice) “Rando, forget about Neo I think U might be the ONE!”… :biggrin :cool