Why no Outrage?


America is supposed to be a free country, yet we allow THIS. Why is THIS NOT ON THE NEWS?!?

This video absolutley pi@)(*@ses me off.

If your not outraged from this, something is wrong with you.


I don't see any reason to be outraged about the film, I watched! These officers did there job very professionally and quickly. We do not see the dog in the video, however if the dog was advancing on an officer with intent to attack being shot is the only option considering they are trying to clear and secure the house, and we certainly do not want an additional suspect shooting a law enforcement officer who is distracted by the dog.

That video depicts a search warrant being served that was duly signed by a judge based on evidence collected in an investigation!
You do not see in the video what was found in the property? Or what the suspect was charged with?

This is called “Keeping Us Safe”!

What’s wrong with me and what outrages me; is I am tired of the illegal sale of drugs, the gang and originized crime and corruption occuring in this country!!!


HOGWASH! This warrent was served because of suspected “child indangerment” due to the marijuana this guy was growing. Ide say CHILD ENDANGERMENT IS CREATED BY THE COPS FOR SHOOTING UP THE PLACE!!! For the cops to go into somebodys house like this, shooting up the place, just for a freaking plant, should be a absolute crime. I dont know how these cops sleep at night, it may be LEGAL (for them to conduct this warrant), but it certainly isnt moral.

This video is a perfect example why we should END the drug war. This guy is NOT a bad person, he is just growing a plant.

It really frustrates me how we can say America is “free” yet, we allow things like this to happen. You cant even be secure in your OWN HOME.

He’s doing moe than growing a plant Hoosier. That plant is part of the reason people do the things they do to get it… I’m with you on making it legal… In fact, why not flood the “pot” market with a huge supply of fresh pot. The supply will overcome the demand and nobody will have to commit any crimes to get it… Theere won’t be any profit when its being given away for free!! No more drug dealers, etc… :beer… :bobble

Outrage??? Over them busting in and shooting his dog?

Apparently you’ve NEVER lived in a bad neighborhood. Relatively speaking, those men were extremely polite. They didn’t push the guy around too much, no gun butts to the face, they never picked the kid up and rushed him outside, they didn’t tear the house up.

Shooting the dog was probably overdoing it, but if its a rottweiler seized dog, I don’t care how friendly it is, if you see that dog coming at you…

We have it made here in the U.S. compared to 3rd world countries, at least here we have some RIGHTS. Its not perfect and NEVER will be, but appreciate the VAST improvement over many other places.

In fact, why not flood the "pot" market with a huge supply of fresh pot. The supply will overcome the demand and nobody will have to commit any crimes to get it... Theere won't be any profit when its being given away for free!! No more drug dealers, etc...

Better yet, sell it at the state liquor stores and tax it…between the tax $'s created and decrease in spending to fight it…we could pay for other things; debt, health care… :beer

I also believe that pot should be legal. But the dog getting shot in front of the kid is like taking a kid to the major league baseball game and the kid getting hit by a foul ball. You know when you take him in he is likely to get hit. When you start doing illegal stuff you know that you are likely to get your house raided and your dog shot…yes in front of your kids.

Nothing is ever done TO YOU. You are always in control of what happens to you.

I didnt post this because of the dog, I posted it because of the should-be-seemingly violation of rights for a person to to something victimless in their own home.

Im surprised more people arent outraged at an issue like this, even though to dont smoke pot (I dont).

Hoosier. On a serious note. This is not a victimless crime… You might think he was just growing a plant in his home and the cops came in busted him… But the truth is, he was growing an illegal plant that drug addicts/dealers have robbed and killed innocent people to get the money to buy/sell it.

If were going to play that game…

Buying GOLD is also a crime because people have died trying to steal gold, and im just making it more desirable for future people to try and steal.

There’s one problem with that… GOLD IS LEGAL TO OWN! Pot is not… The laws are not there for you to pick and choose which ones you’ll follow and which ones you don’t… They’re not open to interpretation. If you break the law, you get punished. It’s pretty straightforward. If you don’t like the law, take action to change it…

And thats what ive been saying… time to change this victimless crime.

Were pretty much in agreement, it should be legal. I just dont agree how to said it IS a victim crime when its not. It becomes a victim cirme BECAUSE of our Government creating a underground market for it.

Hoosier. Try telling the mother of a 5 yr. old girl who was shot and killed by a stray bullett during drug deal gone bad that its a victimless crime. You can argue all you want that if it were legal, than crimes would not be committed to get it. But the fact is that it IS illegal and people DO get robbed and killed because of it. Getting to the original topic, the cop shot the dog out of self defense. The guy was breaking the law and it was the cops job to enforce that law…

I’ll also say that I love dogs and that was abit disturbing to watch and hear. Whether the dog was just wanting to play or was protecting the house, it was just being a dog… The DOG and the BOY are the VICTIMS here because they didn’t do anything to be put in this situation. Because this guy decides to break the law and grow pot, he invites this scenereo into his family. HE made the decision to break the law. But his DOG gets killed and his KID gets the pleasure of being exposed this violent scene… Still think its a victimless crime?

It certainly IS a victimless crime if BIG BROTHER doesnt gets its nose into peoples business. The house looked fine, looked upkept, they had a dog, the kids were doing seemingly well. I would say… that unless the BERRIES AND CHERRIES (aka police) didnt get involved, their would have been no victim. But instead, we have a oppressive Government raiding personal property trying to stop a habit that effects nobody else besides the user.

Alcohol use is 10X worse than Pot, anybody who disagrees obviously hasnt done their research. Driving isnt AS dangerous, domestic violence isnt linked to pot, and medical injuries such as esophogeal cancer (that i saw today in a patient with chronic alcohol use at nursing school) are all caused my alcohol, but never anything is linked to pot.

People die from alcohol due to dommestic abuse/driving drunk all the time, killing innocent people, FAR MORE than any crime Marijuana creates, yet THAT is legal.

If I decide to grow a plant and smoke Cannibas, inside my own home, that is none of anybody elses dang business.

I will take somebody growing pot in their house over somebody driving drunk EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.

But as always, BIG BROTHER thinks they know better than people do when it comes to doing things for themselves.

You just dont get it Hoosier. This guy knowingly broke law by having pot! It doesn’t matter if you agree with a law or not… You follow the law or pay the price. This knew there was a risk that this scene could play out, but he ignored that little fact and put his family through this anyway… Like it or not its a crime because he broke the law. Its not victimless because his dog was shot and his kid had to witness this. You can’t get around that… Just because you think that pot should be legal doesn’t change the fact that its still against the law. I would never have risked putting my family in that position. It doesn’t matter if I agreed with the law or not. I made beer illegal, I’d stop drinking it. plain an simple… But I think we just may have to agree to disagree… By the way, should’nt you be working on that $30K instead of watching YouTubE and debating with me?? :biggrin :beer :argue :biggrin

Hi Hoosier,

              I smoked a lot of pot in the 1970's and early 80's, the problem is that when I first started smoking pot, it was low grade columbian gold in a five finger baggy, at $20 an ounce, by the time I left the east coast for California in 1979 the pot was selling at $35 for an ounce or $20 a half ounce.

Now when I lived back east we had access to things like thai sticks, hashish, opiumated hashish, hash oil or honey oil, but there is a huge difference in the amount of “Tetrahydrocannabinol” (THC) in each type of material, so how do we distinguish whether someone is under the influence and at what level?

Now going from the east coast to west coast the “Ganja” buds grown in California known as green bud, red hair, humbolt, or the likes has THC levels probable 25 times more than the columbian gold I was used to in the east coast.

I am old enough now to be extremely honest and it’s been about 20 years since the last time I toked, but I know dam well that pot had a huge influence on my driving ability and my perception, and although some of you may enjoy a blast back to the past, the truth of the matter is pot makes you lazy, un-motivated, lack of drive or desire, it clouds memory and consumes your life.

You will never see the level of success you could have had if you think living in a world of Marijuana users is cool, it’s not and I wish I had realized some of the things I know now when I was young, but that’s not the route to take nor is it going to be fruitful in the long run. I have a lot of regrets from my youth!

I have a family member who is in law enforcement and the unbelievable loss of life, the stupid decisions that land people in prison and the family left grieving and suffering is huge, don’t believe for one minute there are no victims, that’s stupid!

Go do something constructive with your life and buy and sell real estate, make your self a success, and don’t worry about what other people are doing, just worry about you!!

The law is what seperates us from primitive man and without laws we would be no better than our ancient predisessors.

What do you think keeps 98% of drug addicts and drunks from killing you for your money, it’s the consequence of our laws!!!


What I don’t understand is that BEFORE this guy realized his dog was shot, he kept saying “don’t hurt my dog” Did anyone see his wife ( or baby mama) and child??? My husband would have been begging them to take the situation out of the house so his CHILD AND WIFE would not have to watch…but this guy is worried about his DOG???
I thought pot was not a narcotic ( I could be wrong) Wasn’t this a narcotics charge?
Like the others stated the police had a warrant.
If this “gentelman” didn’t want to be treated badly maybe he could have tried going by the law??? Hmmmm just a thought.