Why No "Contact Me" Rule?

  • No “Contact Me” Posts - do not ask to be contacted by email or phone in your post and do not include your email address or phone number in the body of your post.


    There must be a good reason for this rule! Thanks, again. I guess it is like advertising.


This is mainly to cut down on drive by spammers. You can always send a PM to someone and ask for their info.

If you spend a good deal of time checking this board, you will see a good number of people who post advertising oriented messages right out the gate. Most get deleted quickly.

I don’t mind advertising services in a sig, especially if you are contributing to a community. Take a look at any board that is nothing but a spam-fest. The board is lifeless.

I make it a point to not deal with people that just drive-by spam boards and don’t contribute anything.

Evergreen pretty much hit it on the head. Although half of the “contact me”, “email me”, referral/recommendation, networking, “let’s get together” type posts are legit, the other half are not. The moderators spend a ton of time daily deleting and modifying posts to remove that sort of information.

Besides that, many of those type posts are really personal information posts which do not benefit the group as a whole. And as Evergreen pointed out, it’s very easy to send offline communications requesting contact through email and private messages.

Thanks for understanding.