why is hard to find a good comercial RE agent?

hi everyone.
i need your help ,.It looks that is very dificult to find a good honest comercial real estate agend in this state(MD).
When i call them they always promise “i get back to you”. it looks like they have their regular customers and supply them all the good deals.how can i break the ICE?
there is no problem as far as financing is concern.i aim just looking to find an income property that can pay itself lets say 8-10% cap.
does any one have any sugestions what do i need to do so i can find a good comercial real estate agent?or how should i find couple birddogs and what should i offer them so they can be interested?
i appreciate your help in advance.
kasos 1

Hi kasos,

Try loopnet.com. When you find the right property, give me a call.

I am a very sucessful real estate investment broker in Portland, Oregon. Top commercial/investment brokers are extremely busy, and they are reluctant to take on new clients. You need to impress them with your burning desire, ability to close deals, and loyalty. Otherwise, you are just another wannabe. Do you have good credit, a healthy financial statement, and a good job? If so you should be able to find a broker who will work for you so long as you commit to working exclusively with that broker. Try to find a CCIM (certified commercial and investment member of the national association of realtors) to work with at: http://www.ccimnet.com/jsp/search/search_agents.jsp Good luck!

Randy Smith
Western Equities
Portland, Oregon

Hi Randy
Any progress?

thank you Randy,
for your advise.Too bad you are not in Maryland.
thanks again
john zoulis

If you were here, I’d love to help you out.

Randy’s correct - successful brokers are always busy. I personally have no shortage of buyers, some obviously more qualified than others. Usually the first few things out of my mouth are questions about your financial situation (i.e., where’s the money coming from?) and how quickly can you can close escrow. I tend to judge how much effort I’ll put in by reactions to these questions. In addition, an exclusive agreement never hurts.

I deal with a lot of 1031 and institutional buyers, so I’m used to the pointed nature of their deals.