Why doesn't someone in here start a REAL CHAT LINE

Why doesn’t someone start a REAL CHAT LINE where we can all talk to each other in REAL TIME.
If you do please let me know

I’m not sure but there is a Real Estate Chat room off to the left hand column.

Users also post their IM, AOL, and MSN messaging addresses on their profiles, if they want to.

It appears that this site does provide those tools, but not everyone wants to carry on conversations with others.

I know I’m one of them, that doesn’t care for chat rooms, or messaging services, even though I do have ID’s for most all of them.

I use them when I need to use them.

Give this site a break! They started out as a local REI Club, and then Texas, and now national, and how much did you pay to be a member? Just enjoy yourself.

Good Luck!

take care and thanks

That sounds like a great idea. If you find one please let me know.

I too would like to see it …


I would not stop coming here as a lot of info is learnt for me from this site and I enjoy reading it. The last book I read was Napoleon Hill’s then before that was “Green Eggs and Ham” to my son… I hate reading.

Now to be able to talk to someone live for those who WISH to participate I believe it would be a good idea as it would help newbies as well as those who choose not to participate would not be bugged by stupid questions from guys like me.

I dont know the history of this site but I can say I will be coming here as long as they keep it up. I have no investment club in my rural area and learn and like the people here. The chat the have is always empty whenevr I check it so I believe most here are making money not chatting about it. I would like to be the fly on the wall to learn though.

All it would take to get it going is for several folks to say something along the lines of…

“I’ll be in the chat room (day or days) at such and such time. Please join me.”

I would imagine that if the post got enough press, you would have plenty of folks in there with whom you could chat.

There are over 5,000 visitors to this site daily. You only need a handful to show up.

Thank you!!!

I am going to start going in at 10am EST daily and see if people would join me then to shoot the breeze and learn from each other with sharing. If anyone is interested in just chatting then Thats when I am gonna be there.

Thanks again

I am now in the chat hope some others join on in here

:smiley: I think a chat room would be great for those that are interested. I am. Nights are probably better for me.

I am online and usually have this open and can be contacted anytime as I like to talk to people doing this and learn from them. I am new so anything is helpful to me.

I search online 90% of the time then do the visual checking after I find ones I liek with people from the area that I know. I have just started so I am too new to do anything remote or have the know how besides find them and crunch the numbers. I was considering getting into the birddogging as that looks like more my thing for the finding is the easy part and getting a deal to be put together if not too greedy. The more knowledge in different areas I can learn the better.

If I am online drop me a line and I will chat with anyone, anytime and especially the ones seasoned or in the financing industry to teach people when they have a FREE moment. Thanks

if you go to aol chat rooms, under one of the listings, theres a investors chat. ive been on it. it was ok, talked to a few. thing was, it in no time turned into talking about the weath, the game,and god knows what all. it was really hard to keep up with the 4 or 5 that wanted to talk about investing. read fast and type even faster. it became no fun really quick. as far as ive seen, chat rooms are hardly the topic they are supose to be.

Hey LeadingEdge, what state are you from??

Just curious if you’ve been ini the chat room at 10 EST the last few nights and whether or not anyone has popped in? Thanks.

I believe it was 10AM eastern, not PM - maybe I’m wrong

You’re right, my bad.

I would think evenings would be better, though. Thanks.

I went in the one day and talked with a couple then the next day I stayed in but was late arriving by about an hour but stayed logged in and no one showed up.

The day people showed up was nice though as it is nice to be able to chat with people who know what they are doing and learn from them as well as whine about all my whoas in my adventures here.


Someday I will look back at all these posts laugh…Hopefully, “SOMEDAY” comes tomorrow.y



I am in the chat room at this moment. Catch me if you can. LOL 4:51pm Tuesday Central Standard Time

Now thats funny!!!

I seem to the one of the few to go to chatroom there and sit in it and sing to myself when I am bored and Now I am banned from it with CBL proxy server!!!

Sorry I didnt realize my singing was that BAD!!!


If you get bounced from the server with any kind of message like that, simply disconnect from the internet and then reconnect again. That SHOULD give you a different IP address, and you should be good to go. This is very prevalent with a lot of computers that have been detected as a proxied computer (proxied computers can be used to launch attacks against a company/person with or without the owner knowing about it).

If this keeps happening, you’ll need to contact your ISP for additional information. Be sure to write down the complete boot message, as your ISP will need to know this.