Why does everyone want to flip out of state?

I’m not sure what kind of shows everyone is watching, but flipping is way too big of a fad right now. We have beginning investors losing their shirts out there or messing over sellers by backing out at the last minute when they learn they’re about to lose their kid’s college money.

I had three calls just today from out-of-state “beginning investors” who want to flip in Austin. I couldn’t see that working unless they had a full crew here. Am I missing something about flipping properties in other states?

Maybe because I’ve been telling everyone I see that Austin is the get rich quick capital of the world. CALL DEE - that’s what I tell them. You’re welcome!


I won’t even take on a flip that is more than 30 minutes from me, never mind in another city.

Now, we have toyed with possible taking three months and staying in San Antonio or Austin while the flip is completed. But, I wouldn’t be able to sleep if one of us wasn’t there to oversee the flip.

I just put out another 500 877-TEAM-DEE bandits in my market. Dee, you can make the check out to…

Dee, as you know, the Austin market is defying the RE doom & gloom described in most parts of the country.

Until all the Cali investors blow the bubble up like they did in their own state with pure speculation…then the bubble bursts again! It’s a vicious cycle, those fools need to just leave their money in their IRAs and 401Ks.

Cali investors can buy from me all day long!

Ha…You guys are great. PLEASE don’t tell them to call me.

You are right though. We’re avoiding the crash, we have tons of out-of-state investors, and we’re just darn cute.

Hey, Austin has been described by several publications as one of the top Cities in the country, based on criteria such as job growth, quality of life, etc.