Why does bank only want to loan me money for 20 years and not 30

I have tried two banks for 30 year loans on two investment properties but they say if you don’t live in it it can only be 20. Do you guys find that true as I thought you guys did alot of 30 mortgages on properties. Thanks

Most business and investment loans are for 20 years. 30 year loans are generally for O/O properties. Since investment properties are not O/O - they don’t get the 30 year financing. There can be exceptions to this. You might want to shop around and see if anyone of your local banks have a 30-year program available.

1-4 units can go 30 year. Commerical loans (i.e. 5+ units) always seem to be 20 or maybe 25 years. Try posting over in Financing for more direct answers

The age and condition of the property could also be a factor. If the property is in such condition that the lender feels a 30 year loan will “outlive” the property, then you will only be offered a shorter loan term.

It depends on the lender. If you are using smaller local state banks they will usually only go to 25 years max. But conventional lenders will do 30 year loans all day long. You probably need to talk to a different lender if you are not geting the right information. Hope this helps.