Why CPA needed self employed loan app

I recently applied to refinance my home. I was told I needed a CPA to give me a letter stating I have been self employed for two years. I do not have a CPA and file my own taxes. Does anyone know how to get around this or know a CPA that would examine my tax returns and or P&L statements and give me such a letter ?

Thanks in advance


You may also be able to have the broker find out if letters from business associates will also work. One lender I used needed 3 business associate letters instead of the CPA letter.

Howdy Bud:

Thanks for the reply. I never got a response from the loan brokers so I found a CPA in Dallas that did the deed for me. I sent him the first page of my tax returns and he gave me a letter that he reviewed my returns and stated I had been self employed for the two years. Any moron could have done that even a loan underwriter, even my son in law. Like the comedians say whats up with that.