Why are the Moderators so tough?

Because thats what keeps most of us coming back.

I just realized that I have been a member of this site for coming up on two years, and have checked in here regularly ever since.

I want to give the moderators a big thank you for their work to keep the boards clean and on track. Because of your work this has been a great resource to me and others. I know of no other board that I can say that about. Thanks for taking out the trash and for applying your wisdom.

I say we get together and vote to double all your pay. :beer


Double $0 = $0, I’m sure that will pass the approval process. :beer

Thanx d_s…

If you read my mail you would think that the answer is (pick one):

  • “Because you’re such a dick” - Space Ace

  • “Because you’re a meglomaniac and a Nazi” - Several sourcces

  • “Because your going to be an a-hole and say stupid **** everytime I post” - Space Ace

  • “Because you’re an immature douche bag” - Space Ace


  • Because “you are an idiot” - current unidentified user (raise your hand if you’d like your name associated with this!)



Damn, I didn’t get any nastygrams like that yet. I guess I am not being enough of an a-hole. I better step my game up! :evil

I have had a few pm arguments. However, nothing as awe inspiring as that!

Bummer! :banghead2

I say we get together and vote to double all your pay.
Double $0 = $0, I'm sure that will pass the approval process.

When did we get the pay raise? :shocked

I have been yanked a time or 2 by the moderators. They have always told me why and I have learned from it. But they do give us our head and let the conversations flow and sometimes it wonders fairly far from the subject from time to time. Overall I think they do a good job. Remember all the Nazis were not bad people. I guess that goes for moderators too.

No…we’re all bad!



I would like to second that or third or whatever we’re up to. This is a great site for one reason and one reason only. The free books and audios! :slight_smile: Just kidding…

This is a great site because of the moderators. Their advice, based on their real world experience is freely given and invaluable. You are not going to get that out of a course or a book because the speaker or writer who need to sell that course or book, and make is appealing to the public.

I have been taken to the woodshed, with tough love of course, and still feel the sting! :slight_smile: But it comes at an excellent price out of my pocket, $0, and is a great learning experience. And I planning my next post to be better received…but I’ll still keep the ointment close by just in case!

So let me personally add one more “Thank You” to the moderators…

P.S. - If you can point me to the Space Age posting, I can use a good laugh… :slight_smile:

Those were actual quotes taken from Private Messages sent me when he was asked, then told, to please read and follow the Forum Rules…


I have found that it is the mods who give me the most valuable information.
They are alright in my book.

All of them except me right? :biggrin

I run 4 forums and know that good mods are hard to come by. A big thanks to all the mods for being fair, consistent, levelheaded, professional and on top of taking care of the problems. :beer

 Yes, absolute kudos to the moderators, not only for taking time out of their lives to draw from real world experience and offer guidance to the rest of us, but also for keeping the spam and garbage off of the site, and keeping the content organized.
 Thank you

Hey keith,

are you allowed to use words like that on here? I may have to report you to…uhm…yourself.

I didn’t officially use them – I quoted others that used them taking out the juiciest parts!


Thanks mods!! :beer

Ha. Here I was ready to delete some posts after I read the title. Oh well.

I’ll have to resort to smiling and saying “Awww, shucks”…